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Finally some full clips of the Music Commander's performances!  I tried, but got the "cease and desist" take-down message - um, more like "it's shut down" notice.  The video is not great quality but it does still capture the essence of his performance:

When he first blew our minds: Lazenca, Save Us

(Credit: ever star)

Husky, engaging, and all around great fun he showed us in: Fantastic Baby

(Credit: ever star)

Then he showed us how haunting and riveting he can be in: Spring Rain

(Credit: ever star)

This clip cut off the very beginning, but you can still see and hear the crazy talent he brings in his rendition of: Hayeoga

(Credit: ever star)

Bonus - Fanmade MV tribute to Ha Hyun Woo as part of Guckkasten.  It's a collage of his various live performances singing: Mandrake

(Credit: choipd2)

All Hail the Music Commander! (^__^)/

It's been a while since I've posted anything.  Junsu is still part of my music heart, but lately I have been obessed with Ha Hyun Woo from Guckkasten.  Back in the days of "I Am a Singer" he was one of my top reasons I waited for that show with great anticipation.

He has brought that feeling back by being on the "King of Mask Singer."  Now, since he was in a mask, I didn't recognize his voice right a way - but just thought it sounded wonderful to my ears.  Then he belted out "Lazenca, Save Us" and I went wild!  Ha!  Ha Hyun Woo!!!!  I was never the same - oh what will he sing next?  What next arrangement will he delight us with his voice and rock vibe on it?

Then I came across today a fan music video - just wonderful!  It is made from up to his sixth win with "Hayeoga" - his version was just terrific!  But the fan MV out out together just was terrific that I had to share!  Without further ado, here it is:

D-addicts looks like it'll be taken away from us...It's down =( http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/d-addicts.com.html
To search for some resources, try: http://www.giftedones.net/d-addicts-down/
Jdorama chat about it: http://www.jdorama.com/viewtopic.4214.1440.htm&sid=487cf8cab0dfa8ec500f16e3aefcbccc

Sad...so sad.I..I've found some other sources for the vital shows I watch...but *sigh*...I really hope it's only temporary...

EDIT 11/07/12: I checked again today and...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^o^)/ IT'S BACK UP AND RUNNING!!!!! (o  ^-^)o o(^-^ o) (o  ^-^)o


[KTV] I Am Singer

Launch of a new show: a contest of the best of the best singers!
"Contestants": Lee Sora, Jung Hyup, Baek Ji Young, Kim Bum Soo, Yoon Do Hyun, Park Jung Hyun (Lena), Kim Gun Mo

Lena's didn't seem to be in her best condition but her performance was indeed the most moving one.  I thought hands down that Baek Ji Young would win, but it could because she didn't come across as confident as her usual self.  It was surprising to see her so nervous. 

Then again, these singers deeply respect each other and to think they are competing against each other would be nerve-wracking regardless what they think of their own talent.

[TRANS] Lyrics To A Song Without A Name Part 1 (Essay Version)
 T/N: Hey guys, I know we usually don't post lyrics up, but I felt these were really important. Mostly because Yoochun wrote them, and then because the lyrics are unbelievable.

A Song Without a Name PART 1

Have I ever told you this.

After a probation period of a few months in 2003, we, the team members, finished our first task with ease
In 2004, we were the employee of the month, with countless top results, but we couldn't feel content with just that

Content or want more...^^vCollapse )

In Their Own Words...

The thing I most respect about JYJ is that they are now producing their own works - works that reflect the current environment.

Rambling begins...Collapse )

Junsu Icons

Just sharing some real amateurish icons I've made of Junsu - note how the sizes differ. Hopefully you'll also find them icon-worthy too.  ^^
Junsu Icons...Collapse )


JYJ Rockin' NYC

Here are my fancams of JYJ's showcase in NYC.  I've put it together on a Youtube playlist:

Click to a world of amazing!...^^vCollapse )

Reminders - K-Variety Subs

With the realization that Aigo-Media, a great resource for K-variety material that also catered to people who sought after English subs, will be shutting its forum by the end of the month, it got me thinking to set up reminders of K-variety subbers.  In this list, I focused on subbers that would do the whole show as opposed to just certain guest parts.

K-Variety Subbing Sites:

Let the K-Fun Begin...Collapse )


Xiah Junsu - An Intro

I was asked why I was so into Xiah Junsu, after sending off my reply, I thought it would be a good idea to share my reply (of course a re-edited version) with others as an introduction to Xiah Junsu fandom.

First of all, there are many reasons, but first and foremost is his voice.  As I kept listening to him, the more I enthralled by his ability to draw people in - he doesn't just share a song, he shares an experience.  He is not just great to listen to but to watch as well.  It's wonderful witnessing how his love of music exudes through his performances.  For those who are concerned because you may not understand the meaning of the songs, you can still appreciate he musical quality of his voice – which I liken to my fave instrument, the violin.  There’s a vulnerability about the sound it produces, something very personal, like it’s sharing a secret with you; and with Junsu, his secret is the music within him.

To start off with, one of my fave YT compilations of his performances:
(Credits are noted after the title unless otherwise noted.)

Click for sampling of the wonderful that's Junsu...^^Collapse )